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Okay ..at my next attempt to sell things. Please buy something… - Anime is my Life LJ [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Jan. 6th, 2006|10:30 am]
Anime is my Life



Okay ..at my next attempt to sell things. Please buy something cause I'm starving and have a spinal injury and I'm living in a garage that's freezing cold ;____;!..(I'm serious about that) and I need money for my doctor and food...so..yeah.... please make offers... and things that have set prices if you really really want it and can't afford it maybe we can do a money/trade deal.

 My e-mail is Nitrilicit@yahoo.com

I take paypal and money orders mainly.

western union (only if you have to do that though cause it's hard for me to go places),

checks (if you have to and remember it takes longer to process cause I have to confirm the money went through)
Note: Please be patient with e-mails and stuff cause I don't have a computer at home and have to go to the library to use one. So if I don't respond for a few days I'm not being rude or trying to ignore you. I'm dealing with someone right now that I've been having communication problems with and he thinks I'm lying that I have problems and he's wanting to report me to paypal and stuff >_>....
If you have any difficulty or questions you can call me instead of waiting for e-mail: 770-365-3404 (ask for Hide(ko))


Catch Me if you Can T-Shirt size Close up:Pic 2 : juniors/small 3/5 (Make an Offer)

Gundam Wing Walkie Talkies (Make an Offer)

Gundam Wing Character Buttons ($2.50 each)

Gundam Wing Wing Gundam Skateboard Close Up: Pic 2 ($29.95)

Leapord Hat with buckle Side view: Pic 2 (fits most) (make an offer)

Samurai T-Shirt Close up: Pic 2 (make an offer) juniors - Medium/Large

Sailor Moon Back Pack ($12.95)

Star Earrings (Make an Offer)

Wing Zero Custom 1/144 action figure/model (Make an offer)